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If you are an aspiring student who wants to not just learn guitar but learn and master guitar then we are so glad you found our page! Give us a call or stop by our facility to ask us questions or sign up for your first guitar lesson.

Welcome to Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City. Here we can teach you how to play guitar and so much more. We feel we offer the best guitar lessons in Salt Lake City UT. Why? Because of our instructors.

We feel that we have the best guitar teacher in Salt Lake City UT to fit your individual needs. The reason for this is we hire local guitar teachers that have years of combined experience.

This experience allows us to teach a wide range of music genres to different students. We want to cater to everyone’s individual needs.

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About Us

About us

We at Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City have been serving our area for years with the best guitar lessons you could hope to find.

We do this by making sure our instructors are reliable and knowledgeable. You need to know when you come through our doors that your instructor knows what they are talking about when they are teaching you new material.

Our mission when we first started was to have all different types of guitar lessons available to cater to all of our students' individual needs.

If you are a beginner or have some playing experience then we have lessons for you. You can be just starting out and need beginner lessons and that is all right that is what we are here for!

Perhaps you think you are too old or too young to learn an instrument. Well, that is why we have guitar lessons for kids and guitar lessons for adults.

You may also be thinking that you have a specific genre you wish to learn to play. Or a specific guitar you want to learn to play. Well, that is why we have guitar lessons for bass, electric, and acoustic guitar.

We wanted to make sure you felt comfortable when you first walked through our doors. We want to have all possible knowledge readily accessible as needed when you are learning whichever guitar you choose.

Why Choose Us?

When you make the decision to learn to play Guitar you may have had questions you need answering.

Questions like, are there any good guitar teachers near me, how much are guitar lessons, or are there even any guitar lessons near me? We have answers to all of those questions and more!

Your guitar teacher is sure to have the knowledge you need to succeed in your dreams and reach your goals. Whether you wish to join a band or play for friends and family at home.

Our guitar lessons can prepare you for much more than simply learning how to play guitar. We want to teach you great habits that all students and instructors should possess while learning any new material.

We do this by teaching by a set of virtues. We believe these virtues are the key for all students to continually make progress and succeed in a timely manner.

These virtues are:

  • Hard work
  • Dedication
  • Responsibility

Your Salt Lake guitar lessons are sure to teach you a thing or two about hard work. When you begin your lessons you will learn that there may very well be much more to learning guitar than you originally thought. But don’t let that turn you away!

Instead, let it motivate you. Work hard and memorize a new scale, or learn a new strumming technique. Soon you will be playing riffs and solos you may have never dreamed was possible for you.

Second, you must be dedicated. Our instructors know how hard and frustrating it can seem at times learning a new instrument. But you dedicate time and energy into repetition and practice every day you will learn your scale, or your new technique.

Finally, you must be responsible. You need to show up prepared to learn each and every week. You must show up on time, and maybe a little early.

When you are at home we as instructors are not there to force you to practice your instrument, this is something you must do all on your own. Spend the time, be responsible and you will see the fruits of your labor much more quickly than those who do not practice.

What To Expect?

When you come to your first lessons we will want to know more about you. We want to make sure we find a guitar teacher that best fits your needs as a student.

We will first ask questions about your musical background. We want to know if you have played guitar before. Or if you have ever played an instrument in your entire life.

We also want to know your goals. Do you wish to play in a band? Or do you simply wish to play for friends and family at home?

Finally, we want to know about the music you love. Do you love metal, jazz, pop, or country? This will help us determine which Salt Lake guitar teacher to pair you with because our instructors have specific music genres they love to play more than others.

We will then give you a notebook with our lesson plans. This will let you know what to expect in upcoming future lessons as you master basic material and move to the next.



guitar lessons for adults salt lake city

Guitar lessons for adults

Our guitar lessons for adults begin if you are a teenager and go up in age from there. You can learn the basics up to our advanced lessons. If you are telling yourself you are too old to play an instrument don’t let that turn you away. Sign up with us today and you will quickly find you too can learn to play guitar.

beginner guitar lessons salt lake city

Beginner guitar Lessons

If you are trying to tell yourself you are not good enough. Or perhaps since you know absolutely nothing about music then the guitar is not for you then you are so wrong! Our guitar lessons for beginners start from the absolute basics covering how a guitar works, hand placement, strumming techniques, scales, and much more. You can do this, you can achieve your goals. You may just need a little hard work and dedication.

kids guitar lessons spokane

guitar lessons for kids

We’re sorry to tell you this, parents but you are not our favorite people to teach. Your kids are! We love teaching the next upcoming generation of music artists all they need to know and prepare them for their future. Our guitar lessons for kids are great because our instructors have a wonderful way of making the material not only relatable to kids but fun as well.

salt lake city bass guitar lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons

The bass guitar is a highly underappreciated instrument and we can prove it without bass guitar lessons. This instrument is so much fun to play and we can teach you how to be much more versatile with the bass than you ever dreamed possible. Learn fun techniques such as slap bass, rhythm, keys, and chords with our bass guitar lessons.

salt lake electric guitar lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

Our electric guitar lessons will cover the basics and much more. We promise to teach you all you need to know about the electric guitar. We will cover material such as strumming techniques, power chords, harmonics, scales, and much more.

salt lake city acoustic guitar lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

Our acoustic guitar lessons are sure to be a great starting point for a beginner guitar player. We will teach you how to play guitar chords, strumming techniques, music theory, and more. Sign up today and soon you will be able to play for your friends around the campfire!

salt lake city classical guitar lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons

If you are someone who likes showing off their skills for their friends, let’s just say classical guitar music is the way to go. These complex yet fun songs will teach you the basics of guitar and move to much more advanced techniques such as playing chords and fingerpicking to play multiple notes simultaneously within those chords.

Service Area

About Salt lake city

Salt Lake City is the capital city of the state of Utah. It is also the most populated. It has a population of 213,367.

Salt Lake City has an unemployment rate of 4.75 which is higher than the national average of 3.7%.

Surrounding cities include:

  • West Jordan
  • Sandy
  • South Jordan
  • Bountiful
  • Midvale
  • Magna
  • North Salt Lake
  • Woods Cross
  • And so many surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to buy a guitar tuner for my lessons?

Yes, you will need a guitar tuner. You will learn during your lessons how to tune your guitar by ear but that will come with time and later lessons. We want you to begin with having your guitar in tune perfectly to help develop your ear and know what it should sound like. You also may experiment with different tunings as you learn new songs. We want you to be able to tune it properly from the beginning.

Will I need to learn how to read guitar tabs?

Learning guitar tabs is not a requirement however we highly recommend it! It is also very easy to learn. There are six lines representing each one of your strings. There is also a number placed on those lines. This tells you what fret to play on which string at the proper time. This is a wonderful tool to learn new songs!

What kind of guitar pick should I buy?

In the beginning, we recommend going to a local music shop. Once there, purchase a wide variety of picks ranging in sizes and gauges. This way you can learn what feels most comfortable for you as you play. There is no right answer it all comes down to personal preference.

Customer Testimonials


I signed my son up for local Salt Lake guitar lessons a year ago and I have to say I am not disappointed. He has learned so much in just a year’s time. He plays guitar in his room for hours without taking a break and surprises me with what he has learned each week. Thank you so much for teaching the children and helping them find music.

Rosie A.


I wanted to learn to play guitar so I could join a band. I watched my dad play growing up and wanted to play guitar solos the way he did. Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City helped me prepare for this in ways I didn’t know were possible. Not only can I play solos but I can write them on the spot in seconds while I play with my band now that I understand keys and modes. Thank you Guitar Lessons Salt Lake City for making this a reality.

Howard J.


My mom wanted me to learn an instrument so I chose the guitar. At first, I really did not like having to go to lessons each week. Within a month I was really catching on and playing some of my favorite songs. I play for hours every day and didn’t know that I could learn to play as well as I have. I put in the time, but I owe it all to my instructor. Thank you so much for helping to build this passion I have for music.

Robert N.

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Your local Salt Lake Guitar Lessons are sure to help you achieve your music goals as they have for so many others. We want to help fuel your passion and hold you accountable to learn the way other students and our instructors have.

So don’t wait, call us today or stop by our facility. Our instructors are standing by ready to answer any questions you have and get you enrolled in classes. Sign up today!

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